General Sports


With the increasing popularity of Football and the passion Egyptians have for that sport, Smash Tennis Academy has decided to add a new star to its sports. The Football school –since launched- has proven a great success! Faithful to its philosophy of always giving a strong foundation to the players within a good social environment.

Football Programs and Services:

  • Training: Technique and tactics, Psychology of the game, Fitness, Footwork and Reflexes
  • Matches: Inter clubs, friendly matches and tournaments
  • Court Rental

is a unique sport because it combines physical strength and flexibility with mental tenacity and courage. It provides a strong foundation for most sports, whether it be football, basketball, soccer or tennis. This is because extreme concentration is a necessity and it is doubled with strength, flexibility and coordination.

With karate, your children will learn a strong defense technique that will aid them all through their lives when it comes to self-defense. It will also teach them discipline and control, both needed as they grow. It can also help their focus and concentration skills at school.

is a sport for all members of the family as all can enjoy it together. It is also a life time sport, especially thanks to the high-tech gadgets available today that make it easy and safe.

You want to try the sport of the nobles? Fencing is good exercise both for the body and the mind. It is very challenging as well as fun. While physical ability is important, the mental aspect makes it a sport suitable for a wide range of ages and physical abilities. In fencing, everyone faces the opponent on an equal level: Men compete against women, kids against seniors, tall against short.

Table Tennis
Anybody, anytime, anywhere… It is fun, it is popular, it is a good way to socialize and it has a lot of benefits. The most obvious of these are the hand-eye coordination, the gross and fine muscle movement improvement, reflexes and mental alertness.

is a fast-moving and high-impact sport that provides an excellent cardiovascular workout…and you don’t need to worry about the weather outside! It is easy to learn and there are modified rules and equipment to suit every size and skill level. Squash can be played for leisure or as a competitive sport. Our professional coaches are there to teach you the proper techniques.

You can run simply for the joy of running but there are also many benefits which can be gained from this sport: losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, improving fitness and stamina, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

Aquathlon & Triathlon
At a young age, children are to start developing the skills of aquathlon (running and swimming). At 12 years old, they can start fencing if they want to.
Triathlon consumes a lot of calories; running develops long and lean muscles, swimming helps in sculpting the upper body and fencing develops the body’s coordination and reflexes.

Water Ballet
By effectively combining dance, fitness and performance, water ballet is beneficial to the mind and the body. Also, the supportive water environment allows people of all ages to train ballet. Recently, water ballet has increased its popularity among audiences thanks to its more modern versions.

Water polo
offers the benefits of swimming with the social aspect of basketball or soccer. The game is fast, competitive and terrific fun. Our water polo classes are specially designed for your children to be able to practice this high intensity game in a safe and clean environment.

is a form of dance that relies heavily on physical strength and agility, strong concentration skills, an understanding of music and rhythm and a love of movement. Instruction in ballet can provide numerous benefits for children of all ages, regardless of their skill level like strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance and self-esteem. Also, we have to say it; it brings great proud and satisfaction to the parents.

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